Configure Office 365 with SpamHitman

Inbound filtering

Basic steps to protect your domain:

  1. Ensure the destination route is set to the MX record hostname provided by Office 365.
  2. Add a rule to Office365 to ensure email from the filtering servers is always accepted and not wrongly classified as spam.
  3. Change the MX records of the domain in the DNS to point to the SpamHitman provided MX record hostnames.

X Header based rule to accept email from the filtering servers

  1. Login to the Office 365 "Exchange admin center".
  2. In the Dashboard, select Rules in the Mail Flow section
  3. Under Rules, click the + button and choose Create a new rule... .
  4. Enter a Name for your rule, e.g. 'SpaHitman spamfilter bypass'.
  5. Click More Options.
  6. Create Rule "A message header includes"X-Recommended-Action" header includes >> contains "accept".
  7. Click +.
  8. Click OK.
  9. In the "Do the following" part, select "Modify the message properties" >> "Set the spam confidence level (SCL)" >> "Specify SCL" >> "Bypass spam filtering".
  10. Click OK.

Outbound filtering

Basic steps to protect your domain's outbound mailflow, you need to:

  1. Add your sender Office365 sender domain as an "Authenticating Domain", with "Re-authentication permitted:" explicitly set
  2. Setup a connector in Office 365 to relay the outgoing email via the email security smarthost

Setup outbound user in SpamHitman

    1. Go to the domain dashboard, choose Outgoing > Manage Users.
    2. At the bottom of the page, select the "Authenticating Domain" tab. Specify your Office365 sending domain, and provide a secure random password.
    3. Once the user has been added, click the dropdown icon on the left of the user and select "Edit".
    4. Verify the configuration and ensure the limits are either disabled or match your expected traffic.
    5. Ensure "Re-authentication permitted" is selected. This is required for the sending domain to be allowed from Office365.

  1. Save the user settings.

Setup a transport rule in Office 365

    1. Login to the Office365 "Exchange admin center".
    2. In the dashboard, go to Connectors in the Mail Flow section.
    3. Create a new connector from Office365 to Partner Organization and give it a name.

    1. Select Only when I have a transport rule set up that redirects messages to this connector.

    1. Select "Route email through these smart hosts" and add
    2. Check Always use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to secure the connection (recommended) and select Issued by a trusted certificate authority (CA).

  1. Validate the connector (e.g. using recipient [email protected]) and save.
  2. In the Exchange Dashboard, go to Rules in the Mail Flow section.
  3. Under Rules, click the + button and choose Create a new rule... .
  4. Enter a Name for your rule, e.g. 'Route sending domain via filtering smarthost'.
  5. Click More Options.
  6. Set "Apply this rule if..." to "The sender's domain is...".
  7. Specify as sender domain the domain you previously added as an "Authentication Domain" outgoing user to SpamHitman (similarly you could setup a rule for specific senders addresses only).
  8. Set "Do the following..." to "Redirect the message to", "The following connector".
  9. Set the smarthost connector you previous created.
  10. Save the rule.

Once this is done, any traffic matching your outgoing sender domain is relayed via the transport rule and be processed by the filtering servers.

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