We are pleased to annouce that we are now offering an outgoing Spam filtering service to compliment our advanced incoming spam filterting (SpamHitman). 

If you run your own mail server this service will help protect your IP reputation by sending all emails through our service.

  • Avoid IP blacklisting
    The implementation of our Outgoing Filter will help you get rid of network weaknesses and will cut the time spent with delisting to a minimum.
  • Improve abuse manageability
    With our Outgoing Filter service you can get clear and concise reports indicating which users/ accounts require your attention, automatically locking them.
  • Protect your brand and infrastructure
    We make sure you are part of the email security solution rather than part of the problem, ensuring integrity and positive client reputation.

For more information please visit https://spamhitman.com .

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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